Reincarnation and what are we here for?

Reincarnation and what are we here for?

Reincarnation and what are we here for?

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Sabrina, do you believe in reincarnation? What are we here for?”


Faith is a more widespread concept. What you believe is what you think – quite simply. But there is a difference between whether you really experienced it. Whether you lived through it and recognized yourself through it. People believe in reincarnation, in the rebirth of one’s own soul. People also believe that the earth is not round but flat or that we are still living in the past, because these people neither want to change nor start something new in their lives and thereby let go. Everything is part of our existence. Every way of thinking and behaving. Many people still live according to their own instincts, according to their instinctive behavior, others are on a new level of consciousness – where there is no longer any physical existence. But all of this has something to do with the way these people think.


Notice and do the following

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not is up to you. The only thing is what you get out of believing it. Likewise the questions about what you are here for. All these thoughts take place in your mind. You send your energy into your mind to hold onto a belief, a way of thinking. But everything is as it is. Every way of thinking and behaving is as it is. And you too can believe and think whatever you want. What’s important in my opinion is that it’s good for you and your life. That you are clear with yourself and use your gifts and talents for your fulfillment and also for other people. Because everything is in you. You decide how you think, feel and therefore behave towards other people.

If other people had not brought these topics of reincarnation, topics of frequency healing, energetic healing or spiritual ways of thinking into this world, we would have no reason to rethink our own way of thinking. Everything has a meaning, no matter what it is. And the fact is that philosophical and spiritual ways of thinking have existed for 2,500 years. There is more to it than just your own mind and the way of thinking behind it. Unusual things only exist because people believe in the unusual – beyond their own understanding.

Therefore, what you believe is right or wrong is due to your thoughts about it. Because what you believe is automatically what you think and what you pay attention to. If you let go of these thoughts and your questioning mind – quite simply – then you can see where you are directing your energy: wondering whether reincarnation exists and what you are here for? Or to live your life fully in the eternal now? You decide.


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