Identification with spirituality

Identification with spirituality

Identification with spirituality

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I was once in a Zen monastery where everyone punished themselves in order to work their way up. There were lawyers, doctors… I felt like I was in prison.”


Energy follows your attention. Everything you pay attention to in your external world becomes charged with energy. You give your life energy to an event in your outside world and believe that you feel free as a result. Belief in God, church, spirituality, etc…take place in your mind. Because believing is thinking. An identification with spirituality, belief in yourself or the belief that you have to be punished in order to look better. Your mind continues to search for happiness in your outside world. You think you will find peace in a monastery, in faith or spirituality. You identify with it and continue to give it all your energy.


My experience

My life has been shaped by different paths. And every path was linked to an identification. Whether as a junior boss, as a surfer on Fuerteventura, as an outdoor guide in the mountains, or as a project manager for team events. I looked accordingly, surrounded myself with all of this and this was also reflected in my behavior. Having to let go of an identification meant suffering for me because I had to let go of what I loved. I believed my outside world had to give me this love and energy. But I realized that I could also let go of an identification without suffering and without getting lost in it.

Because I realized that my life energy and deep peace can only be found within me. Back then I thought “I had to” do everything, today I know “I can and may” – and that is pure freedom. Today I can do whatever I want. I don’t „have to“ anymore because I’ve put these shackles of having to on myself. I wanted to make my outside world feel good instead of realizing that it’s me who has everything inside.


Do the following

If you think you have to go to a Zen monastery to find peace through punishment or whatever, know that your mind is searching. It is your mind that looks to your external world in search of love and fulfillment. You give it – quite simply – all your life energy because you believe that this fact makes you feel good within yourself.

Deep peace is within you, beyond your thoughts or what your mind thinks it is looking for in your world. Recognize your thoughts and where they want to lead you and you can also learn to control them consciously. There to create a life according to your heart and greatest joy with all your talents and gifts that have been given to you. Be aware: Energy follows your attention. Decide where you direct your energy. To where suffering determines your life or to the joy of doing what your deep inner voice tells you? It’s very simple, it’s just your mind that complicates it.


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