Identification with Jesus Christ

Identification with Jesus Christ

Identification with Jesus Christ

Underlying thoughts:

“Identity/identification question: do you know Jesus Christ and his infinite love for you and his Spirit who lives in us?”


This is also a question that you believe and think accordingly. It is your faith in Jesus Christ and that His Spirit lives in you. Be aware of what you are thinking and that it is just a thought. Belief in something or someone only takes place in your thoughts and is an identification. What or who you think about is up to you. The important thing is that it makes you happy, no matter what or who you hold on to.


My experience

Faith in God or Jesus Christ accompanied me for a very long time because I grew up with the church and belief in it. My grandparents were associated with the church and we children were also raised in this faith. Over the course of my life, I have met people who are followers of this faith. They cling to it and look to the Bible for insight, liberation, or whatever it is they’re looking for… But I realized from this that belief in God, Buddha, or Jesus Christ – no matter what belief – is always the same thing: a thought. A thought looking for salvation through someone else. When I realized that the identity with faith, the adherence to the church, the refuge from the outside world and the refuge through thoughts, were only in my head, I recognized my mind.


Do the following

It is always your mind that makes you believe, hold on, or seek salvation in anything or anyone. A thought that makes you know that something or someone could save, redeem or heal you. Identification with Jesus Christ is a thought that holds fast. But be sure: only you are responsible for your life. Only you can heal, save and redeem yourself and recognize your thoughts in all this. Find peace through other people, beyond what you believe or think. That’s exactly what Jesus, Buddha, etc. taught… Your life shows you the way, listen and recognize, then you don’t need to identify with faith. And know that you don’t have to believe in anything to experience peace. Peace is already within you, far from thought and belief.


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