Personal attacks from colleagues

Personal attacks from colleagues

Personal attacks from colleagues

Underlying thoughts of people:

„I’m actually a child of nature… ( ) … and now I’m sitting in the city and thinking, what a film… ( ) … I have the feeling that the more I work on it, the more attacks I get…“


Man, you and me, are nature. If you consciously perceive yourself, your body, your thoughts, you also perceive other living beings. Energies that are stressful or beneficial. To be free is to be free in the mind, nature is a good tool to calm the mind. Nature doesn’t judge, it just is. There you can simply be and perceive.

There is a lot of stressful energies in the city that come from today’s digital world and environmentally harmful behavior. If you live in a place that is in or near the city, you will probably feel these stressful energies. Perceiving people who are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives. You realize that all of this is not natural, but rather influences your nature. You feel sluggish, tired and everything is difficult because these detrimental energies affect you and your body – your sensitivity determines you.

Since you are a living creature of nature, it is not that unreasonable that you are looking for a way into nature and out of the city. But take a look around the area where you live: is there a place of power where free energies flow? I come from Taunus. A space in which large cities such as Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Mainz can be found. These environmental influences also affected me. I was often weak and sluggish, but I didn’t know why. For several years I have been living in the Allgäu, where energies are free from stress and I feel the spirit of the mountains – which has a cleansing and soothing effect on me.


Do the following

Make it clear to yourself where you live and what effects your environment, the circumstances and the people have on you. Because all of this can put a strain on you and your body. You perceive everything sensitively when you solve your mind and your unconscious issues more and more. Other people who cannot cope with this sense this free energy in you, but they may feel triggered by it – they “attack” you.

But think about it: Why do you feel triggered? Because that only happens within you. You let your sensitivity and therefore the energies of your external world determine you and your inner peace. Recognize your authority within yourself, show boundaries and keep energy within yourself in order to be a light for others. Be aware that by detaching yourself from unconscious issues, you are releasing energies. In doing so, you are a light to others – and light blinds those who live in their own shadow.


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