Being safe

Being safe

Being safe

Underlying thoughts of people:

“It’s really exciting what you’ve already done. So many trips, been everywhere, written a book, always open to new things… you have to want that. Most people want security and a secure job until they retire…”


Society tells you what to do because you grow up in it. Maybe it’s normal for you to do what your parents, teachers or even your boss tell you to do. You are unconscious in the sense that you don’t know that there is another way. You follow what is said, believe what others say, instead of having your own experiences. Instead of listening to your inner self and doing – living – you think.

Nothing is safe. Because your body, your possessions, your relationships, the people who surround you, or your job could no longer exist tomorrow. What is certain is that the present moment exists. Everything else is patterns, behavior and ways of thinking created in the mind and you live in the past or future. You imagine what was or should be, believe things that other people say and do the same. If you stay stuck in the same topic, you won’t take new paths and try things out.

If you do neither what your intuition tells you nor what your nature tells you, you are only listening to your mind. And he is looking for security and control. Whether it makes you happy and you maintain your inner peace is another topic. Know that you can do whatever you want. To use your life energy for what you want to use it for.


My experience

My life – my nature – takes me through distant lands. I love exploring, discovering, having adventures. I’m always open to new things. I enjoy traveling and being in contact with people. We are all connected. Everything is connected and for me security lies in basic trust. For me it has nothing to do with money, possessions or a secure job. Safety is following my inner voice. To simply trust my life and just follow this path.


Do the following

How you define your security is up to you, as long as you are happy and at peace within yourself. Nobody says you should leave social norms. If this is your life, then please. But remember that everything in nature is constantly changing and nothing can give you more peace than following this inner voice. Listen to them, notice them instead of letting your mind rule you. And use it wisely to turn all your dreams, wishes or gifts into reality.


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