What do films do?

What do films do?

What do films do?

Underlying thoughts of people:

“… and then the films we watch keep me busy at night and I dream everything all together…”


Everything you consume, look at, perceive through your senses has an influence on your body. You use your senses to absorb situations, energies, statements and images that can influence your thinking and how you feel about your body. When your body rests at night while you sleep, it processes everything that you have experienced and absorbed. This is completely natural. Therefore, you may be occupied at night by the things that you consumed just before going to bed: E.g. a film, a conversation, etc. So be aware of what films do to you.


My experience

Watching a powerful nature film or documentary, reading biographies or other interesting books is part of my life. Powerful and interesting nature films have a beneficial influence on me and have an inspiring effect on my life. But I know that these things also bother me at night as soon as I do them just before bed. The brain or our subconscious is so complex that it confuses many things and makes them appear confusing. This is why it happens that we relive events from films or books at night. We humans process experiences at night or in peace and meditation if we consciously engage with them. Therefore, be aware of what you are watching and what films categorized into genres such as “horror”, “war” or “fighting” can do to you. Because all of this has an influence on you – consciously or unconsciously.


Do the following

You can consciously decide what you consume and watch. Pay attention to everything you do and take in before bed to keep your mind clear. If your thoughts are occupied with what has happened or will happen, then be aware that you do not live here and now, but in your mind. Notice, but don’t let things, situations or even films determine you. And if you complain that everything seems messed up while you’re sleeping, stop consuming it altogether. Then you won’t have to complain anymore and you’ll keep a clear mind.


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