The search for love

The search for love

The search for love

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Aha… Well everything is vague… Everything is in me and not in the other? What if the other person denies their feelings? It’s not that easy with unconditionality.”


Be sure that everything you say and ask with these sentences takes place in your mind – your self-image will be destroyed. You blame other people for your issues, your energy direction, within you. Therefore, you neither consciously realize that you are giving your energy to all these thoughts nor that you are asking what constitutes unconditional love. Unconscious patterns play out in you that keep you constantly thinking and searching – looking for love from other people. It is you yourself who has deep connection, energy or even love.


My experience

I also thought that other people had to give me love. That they are the ones responsible for how I feel. But I realized that these thoughts and questions, the feelings that triggered all of this only happened within me. I became aware that “my self” – my thoughts, feelings and actions – represented the topic. It was just other people who triggered this in me – I was triggered.

When I realized this and it became more and more clear to me that only my own thoughts – my self-image – was the issue, I also realized that I could let go of all these thoughts, the questions, the wanting to understand and surrender to the present moment. However, in letting go, I also recognized the energy I suddenly had – so much energy that I had to learn to direct. Today I consciously pass on this energy – love, as some call it – to other people.


Do the following

Be clear that you are the one making these statements. It’s not about others, it’s about you. It is your issues that you become aware of through other people. And recognize your thoughts and behavior towards yourself and other people. If you recognize the true core of the current moment and being within you – beyond your thoughts – you also recognize the limitlessness in everything. You then realize that unconditional love is energy that you can use for your life and other people.


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