Conscious and unconscious

Conscious and unconscious

Conscious and unconscious

Underlying thoughts:

“Perhaps it makes sense to explain what unconscious means, carelessness. So you know the difference?”


You go through your life unconsciously if you don’t reflect on yourself by how you think, feel and act. If you are not aware of how you got from A to B while driving. When you drive, your body functions – unconsciously – on its own because you have practiced – conditioned – the processes of driving, shifting gears, steering, braking, accelerating, perceiving traffic. At this moment you are not aware of the path you are taking, but your thoughts are somewhere else entirely. You’re thinking about something other than the actual trip. You act unconsciously.

You go through your life consciously when you perceive every moment with all your senses. And notice everything that happens within you, around you and in interpersonal relationships. When you reflect on how you speak, what you say and how you act. Even towards other people. You are conscious when you are clear about what you have just done, said or even thought – about yourself and other people. Whether it was peaceful or not.


Do the following

A conscious action is clearly happening at this moment – when you are reading this post. Be clear about what you are reading, how you are reading it, where you are and you will automatically be aware of it. Or drive a car consciously by paying close attention to when you shift into which gear, when you accelerate or brake. Be aware of which cars are driving in front of you and behind you and which places you are passing – then you will drive your car consciously.

You are careless if you want to do things too quickly, doing something without being in the present moment: drop something, knock over something, lose your wallet, etc. You are not attentive enough to the outside world. But your thoughts are somewhere else entirely and you want to do things quickly instead of being mindful and knowing what you are doing with dedication to the moment. So take a few extra seconds to master the tasks in your life mindfully. To be clear about what consciously and unconsciously means how you think about yourself and others and act towards yourself and others.


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