Allow feelings

Allow feelings

Allow feelings

Underlying thoughts of people:

„… what is it like when there is loneliness and sadness at the same time… when I do sports, isn’t it like running away from the feeling… shouldn’t I allow it… for this feeling to leave the body?“


The feelings of loneliness and sadness are triggered within you by your thoughts. These emotions are alive in your body because of you and you continue to give them your energy. Life is what it is right now. Your emotions and mind block your perception of the present moment. You are blocking your way from the deep peace that exists within you at this time. Be clear about your feelings, allow them consciously, recognize when it is time to let go and learn to direct your life energy.


My experience

My life is marked by moments of loneliness and sadness. There were phases that drove me crazy, when my emotions didn’t allow me to recognize the state of peace within me. In such moments, I consciously allowed feelings and realized that they only took place within myself. I took time for myself, away from any distractions, sports and external impressions. Over time I was able to find peace and acknowledge peace within myself, but until then it seemed painful to let go. I also used yoga to release my body and its tensions.


Do the following

Your life determines the moment when you wake up and realize. Take some time for yourself. Consciously experience feelings of loneliness and sadness without doing anything. Intentionally allow your feelings, do not judge them and find relaxation. Once you have done this, and it may take some time, recognize the time of need to find yourself in the present moment – away from your thoughts and feelings. Regardless of whether you use your energy for exercise, for your tasks, for work or for other people after this realization, recognize that it is your life energy that you can use wisely.

The state of the present moment is beyond your thoughts and feelings. A far cry from what you are reading here. The knowledge of always perceiving this state can be found in the calmness of your mind. Once you have experienced the present moment, you can perceive it anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing sports, carrying out a task, at rest or talking to another person. You recognize the deep trust that is omnipresent.


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