Suppress feelings and emotions?

Suppress feelings and emotions


Underlying thoughts:

“Sabrina, should I push my feelings and emotions away, then I’ll suppress them again?”


Suppressing feelings and emotions creates a build-up of energy and doesn’t allow you to breathe freely, but instead allows you to resign. This causes stress and unhappiness in your body as you bottle up all the anger and emotions inside. Remember that your emotions need an outlet and this pent-up sadness and anger will soon make itself felt. How you deal with your emotions, how long you suffer and project your pain to the outside world is up to you. But you will destroy yourself or hurt other people with it.

You can free yourself by recognizing what or who triggers you along the way. Consciously release the pent-up energy inside you outwards, through physical movements, yoga, by confiding in someone and talking to them. Say what needs to be said. This is the only way you will be able to free yourself from deep unconscious issues. This will make you realize what pain you have bottled up inside of you and that you can let it go again.


My experience

I also went through some processes in which I realized the power our pain can have over our bodies. Pent-up anger, pent-up aggression and grief that we do not live through do not bring inner peace, but rather destroy us. I realized not being honest with myself meant being trapped. Trapped behind my own mask, in my own body. Losing myself and escaping in sports or sex, or always wanting to be the center of attention, I used all of these behaviors to avoid having to hear my pain.

But along the way, I realized that this was precisely where self-destruction lay and not my deep peace. I didn’t live in balance, but rather in dependence. I lived not with honesty with myself, but with the urge to be heard. Suppressing my feelings and emotions was maintaining my own mask. This gave my body rigidity rather than warmth and compassion. Not only was I hurting myself, but I was hurting other people too. Today it is clear to me that honesty and consciously experiencing one’s own feelings is the only liberating path for every person.


Do the following

Harnessing feelings and emotions can liberate you in every moment of your life. Live through them at the time they are called into your consciousness – now. Let them go, free yourself from unconscious issues in order to bring your body to rest, to heal, to recognize inner peace and your true path. If you continue to suppress your pain, you will use all the pent-up energy against yourself. You will resign and strut through your life without compassion.

You will be arrogant and arrogant, with arrogance and self-destruction. Anger and aggression will determine your life – sometimes more, sometimes less. But if you consciously experience your feelings, you will let all your anger, aggression and frustration go and make room for new things in your life. You open yourself to what is truly meant for you. And previously unknown doors will open to you that you never expected to even exist…


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