Belief and faith

Belief and faith

Belief and faith

Underlying thoughts:

„What do you belief in, Sabrina?”


There is a lot you can think of. You can believe in God, in the universe. You can believe in spirituality, in earning lots of money, and there are a lot more thoughts, which let you create your illusions. Whatever you think of, will become your own truth. Thoughts create your future. So if you believe in God he will be a part of your future. If you believe in spirituality and its tools, this will become your life. Everything you continue thinking of, is what you perceive and this will be attracted in your daily life. So, be aware of your own thoughts creating your outside world.


My experience:

I was raised in my parent’s company. However, over the years I thought I would have to work there forever. My thinking was staying in this company my whole life. But that was not my inner truth, just my own thoughts. I became sick and my whole body showed me that this was the wrong way to go. So, I decided to let go and follow my heart which lead me to sport and nature. In 2016 I moved to the mountains, worked as an outdoor and high rope guide, so as a rafting guide. Furthermore, I have been living on the Canary Islands as a surfer. 

I was raised with the belief in God and I also got caught in spirituality. But life is not about one simple part of it. Life is about everything. I have been believing in lots of different things and today I live my life to the fullest. Enjoying every moment of it and keeping the balance is my life. I do not like drama or hatred. Love lies in being part of my family, meeting new people, exploring the world and new places. I love going surfing whenever I can. I love nature, a delicious cappuccino and deep conversations.

Today, I know believing is just a thought. But taking responsibility for my own life is reality. Just thinking and believing will not change my life. I need to take action, going forward and letting go of what does not belong to me. Today I know that there are two parts what make life: Taking action or calm down. Nothing is in between. In between there are only thoughts blocking myself from letting go and going forward. This moment is the only moment I have. And it is up to me how I use my time and life energy to live this moment to the fullest. So, if you ask me what I do belief in, i will say: inner peace. 


Do the following:

It is your decision what you believe in. But be aware of, that thinking or believing is just a thought. However you use your life energy and time, make sure that it makes you happy. It should not hurt yourself or other living beings. Let go of what does not belong to you, have faith and take full responsibility for your own thoughts creating your life’s future. Do not listen to everyone else, or that something is not possible, start listen to your soul and heart. And make sure, that your own thoughts and believings do not stop you from your inner truth.


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