How to take action?

How to take action?

How to take action?

Underlying thoughts:

„I can’t get it implemented. So what can I do?“ 

It is your mind fooling you that you need to take action. A thought letting your body react instead of finding peace in this moment. So, what you really need to do is calming down and letting go of every thought you have in your mind. Maybe fear will come up because your mind tells you to take action again. But this lead to the result that you have no trust in your life. Having a deep knowing when there is a need for taking action. If you want to know how to act, stay focused and to trust your intuition again, you need to calm down. This lets you realize that you only have here and now – this moment – beyond your thoughts and fears. In this moment only, you can clear your mind and get to know what you really need to implement. 


My experience:

Throughout my life and during my own inner process, I got to know that there are only two main states of being: taking action or coming to rest. And, I know that my own thoughts can lead to pondering blocking me from both. So, ruminating is the result leading to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. I know when I’m stressed out, having too much thoughts in my head, I can’t implement anything because my head is full of thoughts not knowing what to do first. In this situation I know, only one thing is important: calming myself down getting back on earth and back in this moment. This process can need one hour or days – I let my body decide how long it takes. After these rest periods I intuitive know what to do again. I can stay focused by having a clear and conscious mind. 


Do the following:

Remember that you only have this one moment. And this moment is your life created by yourself. You can either implement or rest. There are just these both states of being, because anything else can lead to ruminating what stops you from doing both. So, if you are searching for yourself, looking for inner peace or wanting to arrive within you, you need to get rid of your thoughts by calming down. Let go off every thought you have getting a clear mind. You need to let go of your outer world, other people, situations and places.

You can use different methods to do so: Yoga, stretching, music, meditation … Just try out. Once you have reached that state of a clear, conscious and thoughtless mind, you can control your life energy by deciding where to control it to. So, implementation or taking action is most of the time not the important fact. The most important fact is calming down your mind getting to know when to take the next step. But not being irritated by your own thoughts.


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