Toxic people

Toxic people

Toxic people

Underlying thoughts:

“How do I stay with myself, in my peace, when I have mostly unconscious people around me at work?”


Unconscious people, people in their own dissatisfaction, no matter where you find them, sometimes don’t want to wake up. They are stubborn, neither self-reflective nor flexible in their way of thinking. They badmouth others, blame them or sometimes even sacrifice themselves for others and forget about themselves. Unconscious people strictly believe what they think, vehemently reject what you say and are not flexible in their opinions. You can’t communicate with them neutrally either, because they always think they’re right. They hold tightly to what they think and are so intertwined with it that they radiate this way of thinking and feeling through their behavior towards others. They carry such a heavy burden that it can have a toxic effect on you. Especially when you are aware of it and know how to direct your energy.


My experience

Some people claim that you should be permanently at peace with yourself when unconscious people surround you permanently. All my life I have met toxic and unconscious people. They are also in my environment. For some time I consciously expose myself to these people in order to give them my attention. But many of these people neither want to recognize themselves nor respond to other people. They are completely unconscious in what they do, how they think, feel and therefore behave towards others.

But no matter what I do, whether I remain at peace with myself for several months in the presence of these people, or I consciously express my opinion, nothing will change their way of thinking. If I notice that people around me unconsciously want to remain in pain and in their own dissatisfaction, I consciously turn away from them. Because I decide which environment and which people I expose myself to. I consciously let them understand that their presence seems toxic to me. And often that is exactly what brings about an awakening.


Do the following

People who are open to you will reflect and find a solution together with you. They walk a common path with you. But people who are completely unconscious will always start discussions with you and have a toxic effect on your life. They simply do not know that they are unconscious, carry such a burden and act accordingly. Be clear that you can stay in your own peace or turn your back on these people and create spatial separation. Stop surrounding yourself with them and communicate this clearly. Because you are only responsible for your own life, not for that of other people.


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