Difference: heart, feeling, mind

Difference: heart, feeling, mind

Difference: heart, feeling, mind

Underlying thoughts:

“How can I recognize my inner voice? How do I know when my heart is speaking to me? I thought, until now, that feelings had something to do with the heart.“ or „How do I distinguish „inner (heart) voice and the voice of the mind?“


Your inner voice, intuition, God, etc. (however you describe this power) does not take place in your mind or in your feelings. Or by asking. The mind is so loud that you often don’t even notice your heart. This quiet voice is what we humans tend to ignore. We let reason win instead of listening to our deepest selves. Whether you describe this as a feeling is entirely up to you. But be aware that an action can occur based on feeling on an unconscious level. You vehemently reject something that is normally your path. I vehemently rejected spirituality and everything that had to do with it. An unconscious feeling of anger that came over me at the time. However, I secretly knew that it was my path at the time.


My experience

Since I was a little person, I have followed this inner voice. A force within me that leaves everything left and right. I use my mind to walk this path fearlessly, but I don’t let it block this inner voice. Even when situations came up in my life that my mind vehemently rejected. Today I am aware of it. I can react situationally and consciously to what I think is right. I do what brings me joy and see my life as a dream, a game in the universe. No matter whether in joy or pain. Because everything is part of life. And I know that anything is possible if I follow this path.

The decision to leave my parents‘ car dealership and move to Allgäu cost me a lot of time and effort – this was a conscious decision in my mind. An intuitive action happens when you don’t think about whether it seems wrong or right at the moment. Big and small decisions that turn your life completely upside down. These intuitive actions happen at the moment “Now”.

People come into my life and offer me opportunities. I simply use these. What comes of it? Lots of fun and lots of experiences. I often know my path and know exactly where it leads. I see him in front of me and deep down I just know that it’s right. You can always go back, but following this path of changing your heart is what few people do. Because they only follow their reason and what seems reasonable. Because they can’t let go.


Do the following

You can make conscious decisions from your mind, right? E.g. “Today I’m going to do something good for myself and have a wellness day.” And you probably also know the moments in your life that pull you wholeheartedly into a situation or direction. You just know: This is the way. In this moment you don’t decide, but act on your own initiative. You then use your mind wisely to follow this path. These are often the moments when you don’t think about whether something seems right or wrong. The quiet voice that makes your heart beat really fast. The moments that catapult you to the highest heights. That come directly from you and do not harm you or others.

Be aware of the difference: heart, feeling, mind. You recognize your inner voice by – quite simply – not asking anymore. Also keep moving. Move your mind to silence and listen. Just be there and you’ll soon know what to do and the next step in your life.


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