Manifesting does not have to be an expression of deficiency

Manifesting does not have to be an expression of deficiency

Manifesting does not have to be an expression of deficiency

Underlying thoughts:

“But what about the “manifestations” you talk about at the end? Aren’t these all just things that an „I“ (thinking, mind) would like? Isn’t it the case that life is simply lived without there being an „I“ that wants to have or change something? Isn’t everything fine the way it is right now? Isn’t „wanting to manifest something (wanting to have something)“ an expression of lack, which is the opposite of abundance? Oh God. My head will soon be bursting with questions…“


Where do all these questions take place? When you realize this, you simply recognize your mind and the fallacy within it. Whether you manifest, build a life of abundance (including in your external world) has to do with your inner abundance. Because just as in your inner world, so does your outer world. You decide, no one else does. They are just beliefs that lead you to be mistaken. With your questions you mean the unconscious filling through consumption, or the urge to watch TV, and also to achieve the next goal in order to be happy, etc. … which many are not aware of.


My experience

I also thought I wouldn’t be allowed to buy anything anymore. No more earning money because it happens out of ego. I thought I wouldn’t be allowed to live more fully because I would now have to meditate all day. Should be at peace because I consciously recognize my mind. What a misconception! If we as humans are aware of ourselves, then we can create a life of abundance. We can use ways and means to manifest, dream and live out our talents. Because we are aware that we are not dependent on it. We are not dependent on our external world because we can change our external world at any time and consciously let go. This is the difference from people who are not aware of it.


Do the following

Living talents, living out gifts, living dreams – if that’s what makes you happy and fulfills you wholeheartedly, why shouldn’t you do it? Listen to that inner voice within you and follow it. That’s the only thing that’s easy. Which situation is given to you, triggers you and how you deal with it is another matter. Switch off your mind and go into the implementation of what fills you from within. Don’t listen to what others say, but what your heart, your path tells you to do. Because that’s what I do and constantly experience.

Therefore, make it clear to yourself the difference between conscious and unconscious. And ask yourself whether you can be alone with yourself – without TV, without a smartphone, without people, without the outside world. Just be in you and be happy with you. And not to be dependent on your outside world. Beyond what your mind is looking for – possessions, material things, money, consumption, etc. If you recognize your life energy, then you can also consciously control it and consciously manifest it. Do what fulfills you, what you are here for and what you can pass on to other people. Because can’t you consciously enjoy your life? Consciously create it in abundance? Consciously do what brings you joy? Manifest consciously? Live consciously in a peaceful coexistence? Be consciously there for yourself and other people and give to them unconditionally?


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