Conscious decision and intuitive action

Conscious decision and intuitive action

Conscious decision and intuitive action

Underlying thoughts of people:

“How do I distinguish inner voice/intuition from mind?”


Many people only listen to their minds. The thoughts are constantly in the foreground. Reason, control, thoughts of security, thoughts of power, greed, or even self-doubt, suffering and the constraints of social norms win. The mind is the wisest thing you can use, but also the one you can make your biggest enemy. Your thoughts are your biggest enemy or best friend. You know what to do, but your mind is often louder. Your thoughts block you, hold you tight, identify with your possessions, your relationships, your children or even your values. You don’t listen to your natural flow of life, but follow your thoughts of reason.


My experience

Through my life, I have realized what it means to follow your own path. To trust your intuition, your heart and your inner voice. To go with the flow of life, to do what interests me and what brings me joy. But my mind also led me astray. He blocked me, searched and constantly wanted to achieve something. But that was exactly where the suffering of my life lay. I began to understand that it is I who create my life the way I want. Now I use my thoughts wisely, aware of them, to realize all the dreams that my life sets before me. I no longer let my mind control me and block my paths, but rather recognize it and what reactions it causes in my body. I realized that the path of my heart is the path of my happiness. Because being happy is the way.


Do the following

If you only listen to your mind, you will create your own suffering. Use your thoughts wisely, free yourself from everything that holds you down. Free yourself from what blocks you and makes you live a toxic life. Conscious Choice and Intuitive Action: Make conscious choices to live an abundant life. And live a life based on intuitive decisions that catapult you to the highest highs and lowest lows. Because intuitive actions are the actions where you don’t think about whether they are wrong or right. You simply act and thereby gain the most valuable experiences, because your mind is not in your way. Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy because it affects the lives of others too. Listen to that quiet voice within you, follow your heart, and create a life according to your talents, ideas and dreams. Because that is pure freedom.


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