Following your heart

Following your heart

Following your heart

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Does healing happen when I decide for myself and follow my heart?”


You can live your life according to your mind, go through your life unconsciously. Not opening yourself up to new things and only living according to constraints of security, control, possessions or poverty. Or you can use triggers from your outside world to calm your mind. Use emotions to free yourself and learn to follow your intuition. The flow, what your path represents in the here and now. You can use your mind in full awareness to walk your path and shape it to the fullest. Far from control and security. Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy. Because your inner feeling also influences the big picture. And with it everyone’s feelings.


My experience

My life consists of the path of my intuition, my inner voice, and my mind. I use my thoughts wisely to implement my dreams, gifts and desires. I also know that everything is temporary – comes and goes – I just go with it. Always let go in order to move into the new. That’s why I listen exactly to this voice within me at the moment „Now“. Walk the path fearlessly without thinking about whether it is right or wrong. I use my mind wisely to implement these dreams and paths.


Do the following

It’s very easy when you detach yourself from everything that seems to fill your outside world inside you. People also come and go. Because if they are not ready to follow your development, your path with you, then they will judge you. They evaluate your being, your behavior and your way of thinking. Let go of them too and free yourself. Because only if the person is ready to go into change will they accompany you on your path. I too have had to let many people go in my life. But people also come and go – that’s life.

If you follow your heart and do what brings you joy and fulfillment, then you will also let go of what doesn’t. But be clear that nothing and no one can give you this feeling, which your inner voice of contentment clearly shows you. Because only that is fulfilling. Because healing happens automatically by following this voice, the natural flow of life.

You will attract people and situations into your life that trigger you. That shake you up and make you realize what power and strength you have within you. Follow this power within you without paying attention to other people because they will try to stop you. You will recognize your own thoughts and feelings, know how to control them more and more, and recognize your calm. Your life gives you the way. Go ahead and stop letting your mind control you. Find peace in the here and now. Then you will also recognize the liberation and healing that this path gives you. And be aware: the path of the heart brings healing.


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