The present moment

The present moment

The present moment

Underlying thoughts:

„You asked me a stupid question… watching the birds singing outside is the current moment, isn’t it?“


Your strength and your path lie in the perception of the present moment and in the design of your life. Both are part of it. Nevertheless, it is difficult for many people to recognize what can be done at this moment. It seems difficult for them to perceive which is the inner voice and which is the mind. They are not aware of the present moment, nor can they perceive it. They also don’t know how it works to create a life according to their hearts and their own ideas.

The perception of the present moment affects many things. You can notice your thoughts at the moment “Now” that are causing you chaos again. You can also perceive your outside world, the singing of the birds, the people who surround you. And you can perceive how other people feel, how you feel, how your life is and or should be according to your ideas.


My experience

For me, life consists of two fundamental aspects:

  • My inner world: my inner voice (the heart), my thoughts, feelings and actions
  • And my outside world: to be creative and to live according to my own ideas, wishes and dreams and to create my outside world

I use the first aspect to create the second aspect. Very easy. If I am aware of my inner voice and what it wants, then I use my thoughts to implement the given path and act accordingly. I create my outside world – here and now.  But in order to be able to hear this inner voice, it is crucial to perceive the present moment and move my thoughts to silence. If I don’t recognize this moment, my thoughts are too loud. I am not in the trust of life, but let my mind rule over me.

Or there is nothing to do right now. But this mind has often led me astray in the past. I did something because I thought I had to live according to societal norms: having more money, becoming even more successful, filling myself with my outside world… etc. And that caused enormous stress, anxiety and pressure. There was always this quiet voice deep within me. She was there, but my mind was too loud. Today I proceed patiently and listen carefully. I don’t let my mind rule my life, but rather my heart. I do the right thing at the right time.


Do the following

You can do the wrong thing at the right time, or the right thing at the wrong time. Both paths will lead you astray. But you can also do the right thing at the right time and it is important to recognize this time clearly within yourself. You simply know in this one moment that you can let go and take the next step. To be consciously aware of the present moment means to be aware of all your thoughts, actions, feelings and your heart. Because this is the only way you will know when the right time has come to do the right thing. Perceiving the birds singing is your outside world.

Perceiving your thoughts about it is your inner world. Whether you give the birds a rating takes place in your mind. Perceive the current moment, what is happening around you and within yourself and be honest with yourself. Stop fulfilling expectations, stop suffering from stress, pressure or fears because you are too dependent on your outside world. Do what is right, what fulfills you, let go and you will realize what it means to stop suffering. Doors keep opening, go through them. But recognize the present moment and the trust of life that can fulfill you here and now. This moment lies under the blanket of your thought chaos and keeps calling you to itself. Listen and recognize when it is time to take the next step.


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