Enjoy doing every task

Enjoy doing every task

Enjoy doing every task

Underlying thoughts:

“What do I do about tasks that I don’t really enjoy doing? How do I deal with it?“


Be aware that this is an evaluation of your mind on a task. Your thoughts tell you that a task seems better or worse – something you like doing or don’t like doing. Your mind judges and as a result you live in thoughts of lack. Get clarity in the moment when something needs to be done. Your thoughts make you think that you don’t enjoy doing the task. But every situation and task in your life always takes place at the moment “Now”. It is done by you, as you evaluate it, perceive it and do it.


My experience

My life consists of many tasks and I always pay attention to new situations. This is how I learn and educate myself. To this day, my life consists of knowledge through many different tasks: car dealership management, customer service, sales, hotels, restaurants, event planning, outdoor jobs, surf school management, the armed forces, online jobs as a content creator or even website creation… my life leads me continue steadily when I have gathered all the knowledge I need in an area. My intuition tells me when it’s time to move on – without stress, without pressure – I just know it.

This is the only way I can develop further, learn new things and not stop following the evolutionary process. You can learn to develop and grow even in a single career. But it should bring you inner fulfillment. My fulfillment lies in new things, learning new things, getting to know new people. To be vigilant about the people around me and what the task I am doing demands of me. But one thing is certain: the tasks I do should bring joy, even if they are unloved tasks. It’s just your attitude towards the matter that’s causing you distress. Over time, I also learned to enjoy doing every task. Because the evaluation of the task only takes place in my head.


Do the following

Every moment in your life is valuable. This is the only thing you truly own – Now. And if you only carry out a task if you believe it is better than another, then you will only live half a life. Because the moments in which you do tasks that you don’t like doing and perceive them as a burden are moments that you waste in your life. You don’t give them your full devotion, but rather evaluate them and perceive them as pressure and stress. This creates discord within you.

In every moment, in every task you complete, recognize that it is only your mind that is evaluating that task – whether good or bad. You can decide how you perceive the task and you can decide to move on, to change. But be sure: there is only now and this now can be enjoyed in full, no matter what you do, is your life.


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