Switching off

Switching off

Switching off

Underlying thoughts of people:

“You spend a lot of time on social media and have people come to you with their issues, how do you manage to switch that off and deal with it?”


If you are aware of your thoughts at the time “now”, then you can also decide where you direct your energy: into your thoughts, worrying, continuing to ponder, or into the peace and quiet in the present moment. You can consciously recognize where you can direct your energy and you can consciously keep energy with you.


My experience

Only I am responsible for what I write here and thereby communicate to other people. Anything other people say, write or want to tell me is up to those people and not me. What I can therefore control are my own thoughts about myself and other people, which are often very irrelevant and simply disturb my inner peace. That’s why I only take in what I consider valuable and can thereby learn for myself. Everything else is other people’s statements, worries and thoughts that shouldn’t determine my inner peace. I don’t give any energy to thinking about these statements. I listen, pay attention, but don’t let other people’s thoughts rule me. Because they are the worries and thoughts of others. No matter whether on social media or in real life.


Do the following

So be clear about what you think, how you think, and don’t let your thoughts of other people’s concerns dictate your own inner peace. They are just thoughts that you give your energy to. Come back to the here and now, consciously perceive what is in this moment and recognize the peace that lies in this moment. Because it’s just your thoughts that don’t let you switch off and create your own problems. There are no problems in the present moment, only your mind creates them. Calm him down and don’t make other people’s issues and life circumstances your own. Listen carefully, keep your energy within yourself and consciously be there for other people. This is the only thing you can truly do. Without losing and destroying yourself.


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