Finding silence

Finding silence

Finding silence

Underlying thoughts:

“Today I just want some peace and quiet. Why is that?“


If you ask yourself why you need your rest today, your body is showing you to stay in silence.  You are not giving yourself any rest, but sending all your energy into your questioning mind. You ask yourself questions, want to understand and look for answers instead of listening to your body and giving it this meditative state in this moment.

Be clear that stress, pressure, pain and anything that makes you feel unhappy is because you are not listening to your body and giving it the peace it deserves. You constantly need all your energy to ask yourself how something works and why something is the way it is. Your body, your life, shows you the way, but if you want to understand or change your outside world with pressure from your mind, you will automatically suffer.


Do the following

Listen to yourself and your life, recognize that everything is within you and you are responsible for how you treat yourself and your body. If your life demands rest, if your body is yearning for it, then give it to it, because inner processes are underway in which you can reflect on yourself.

There are moments when you need quiet, to listen to your thoughts and feelings – you need time for yourself. And there are moments when you are open to your outside world and therefore other people. Let go of your questioning thoughts, recognize yourself in the pressure you create for yourself and trust your life, it will show you the way. Your life, your dreams, gifts and desires are not found in the questioning mind, but in the space beyond.


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