Behavior when afraid

Behavior when afraid

Behavior when afraid

Underlying thoughts of people:

“I don’t understand why I’m scared? Why is the fear there? I’m trying to understand, but it just doesn’t click…“


If you feel feelings of fear, or feelings of anger, insecurity, shame, and so on… and you try to understand why that is, then you are living in the mind. You desperately want to know in your mind why the fear is the fear. Be sure that you only truly understand when you no longer want to understand. Because you’re just sending all your energy into your thoughts instead of directing your energy into the present moment and accepting the fear. Understanding and wanting to know is neither good nor bad. But unconsciously and convulsively trying to understand feelings is associated with suffering. You neither let go nor truly understand.


My experience

Reflecting on myself in such situations of fear, realizing that this fear was only in my thoughts and feelings and letting it go was the greatest gift. Because I realized from all of this that my own self-image ruled over me. Fear is an innate instinct and natural as soon as we leave a situation that we call a “comfort zone”.

Doing something new that brings uncertainty also brings fear. I too went into fear again and again. Lived through a lot, traveled all over the world, met many people and had to go through an incredible amount of pain. Today I just know that this is my path. Pursuing this path of being fearless brings me the greatest freedom. That’s why I love constant change and the change that life brings with it. Fear is natural, but we humans can recognize our fearlessness by going into that fear again and again.


Do the following

If you try to understand why the fear is there, let it be. Let the fear be there, accept it, but don’t try to understand it. Just let it be there, go through the fear, live through it consciously, with all the feelings that are brought to the surface within you, and then it will soon let go of you. Don’t try to understand, but simply reflect on it. Fear is there and will only go away when you no longer want to understand it and let it control you. Realize that you are just afraid of letting go of your mind.


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