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“Can you please make a video about tinnitus? What can be done?”


Tinnitus, like all physical complaints, demands that you listen. To perceive yourself and your body and this is only possible in silence – beyond your thoughts, your outside world, beyond your occupation or where you seem to be. Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears that alerts you to the fact that you are channeling too much energy into your thoughts over and over again. Chaos, what you allow to completely affect you and your body in your external world. You are too concentrated, too focused or you think about something too much. You then let all the impressions affect you instead of giving your body energy or peace.


My experience

A short beep, a tinnitus that doesn’t last long, makes you listen because you suddenly notice it. He also showed me again and again when I had had enough of being absorbed in my thoughts. I immediately let go of the situation, what I was doing or what I was dealing with. Directed my energy into calm and brought my thoughts into silence. This was the only way the tinnitus became quieter and disappeared completely.

Long-lasting tinnitus can be a burden for you, but it shows you to be aware of yourself. I also had tinnitus that lasted for a long time, not for days, but it was there. I noticed it, allowed it and always found the silence. Tinnitus usually has to do with the fact that we humans don’t listen to our intuition. We are afraid of what our bodies have to say. We don’t let go, but instead keep going uninterrupted so we don’t have to hear our body.


Do the following

Be sure that the ringing in your ears shows you to recognize your calm. To perceive the peace, the silence, beyond all the things, people, situations or places that occupy you so much in your outside world. The mind is constantly supplied with energy, but your body is not. You live in your thoughts instead of in the here and now. There is nothing to look for, nothing to find or achieve – there is only now. Direct your energy into the present moment again and again without building up pressure. Listen to what the tinnitus is telling you and use it to heal yourself and release it through healing.


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