Fear of death

Fear of death

fear of death

Underlying thoughts of people:

“Have you ever made a video about the fear of death?”


It is completely natural as a human being to be afraid of death, because the mind wants to, but cannot and will not understand what happens after human death. If you are afraid of death, if you do not accept that death and pain are part of life, then you are still anchored to your mind and your instinctive behaviors. Because you believe you are what you think – your mind. A profound experience will make you realize that death and pain are part of life; you will continue to be afraid of it and will not accept either.


My experience

Dramatic experiences in my life made me realize that I don’t have to be afraid of death and that it is ultimately part of it. Through many painful experiences, I realized that everything is temporary – no matter what happens to us. It is only our thoughts that judge a situation and make it look bad. And two experiences in particular brought me to complete peace: When I was 19, I decided to go to Kenya. After a few weeks there I got malaria. A small mosquito turned my entire life upside down with just one bite.

As I lay there realizing that my body and mind no longer had any power, I realized the peace that lay beyond. A peaceful existence that took me in and to which I gave myself completely. The second experience was a breakup depression that made me wake up completely. I realized after three weeks of deep psychological pain that everything is one and interconnected. It’s just the way we humans see things. Ultimately, I can say that all three experiences made me reflect on my life most intensively. To see the beauty and positivity in everything and to accept that pain and death are part of human life.


Do the following

Acceptance of the truth of other people, or even yourself and death, brings you to perfection and inner peace. As a human being, you have the choice to decide how you live. Use the pain to heal yourself instead of constantly experiencing it and dwelling on it. Accept pain as joy and acknowledge your thoughts about it. But also let go of the pain to recognize joy and deep peace. Accept death and realize that everything is temporary. You can never stop this natural process, so why worry? Don’t take life so seriously, because you won’t get out of here alive either.


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